Building Of Skill Acquisition and Vocational/Technical Education Center for Youth  Training and Development

our visiting artists-fundraisers from UK and Germany used the open air studio for their projects 



$1,000,000.00 project

We shall be glad to receive calls and letters for acceptance from interested philanthropists who would be interested in sponsoring the purchase of the land, the construction of the building/center, furniture and equipment, and instructors' salaries.

please call the initiator Rotarian Dr. Olumide Oludare Egunlae on

+220 2034357

+220 7875091

...and receive 2 artworks in appreciation for your generous Donation Today !!!

 Vocational and technical education has been integral part of national development strategies in many societies because of the impact on human resource development, productivity and economic development. Vocational and technical education is  a viable tool for transformation of any country's  economy.

 It holds the key to national development of most nations. However, despite its contribution to societal and economic development, African leaders have not given this aspect of education the attention it desires.

 This could be one of the reasons for the nation s underdevelopment. Vocational education is concerned with the skills, understandings, knowledge, abilities and competences which a person needs to acquire in order to do or carry out a particular job.


 It is also a form of education that emphasizes the development of occupational and procedural skills needed as preparation for work

 Vocational and technical education help to solve the problems of unemployment and reduces the number of people who depend on government for job.

 When the youths and adults are trained vocationally or technically, it would enable them to be self-reliant in different areas such as Information Technology (ICT), Art and Design, Tailoring, Carpentry, Hair Dressing, Electrical,Plumbing, Automobile, Vulcanizing, Computer Engineering, GSM repairs, Cloth weaving and so on. It helps to bring about rapid economic development. The survival of individuals will ensure the survival of the country as a nation.

 To succeed in our plights to train hundreds of willing citizens, we need good infrastructure, materials and tools to facilitate and fulfill our dreams and mission...Giving All Gambians A Sense Of Purpose In Life.


































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Call us:

+220 2034357


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Opposite Kanilai Alternative Clinic , Mile 7 , Bakau , P.M,B 315 , Serrekunda, The Gambia

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