Support Poor Local and International Students Project

budget: $120,000.00

a call for sponsorship

Adonai Art Foundation  received more than 300 applications in 2 years. We are able to support only 25 students (3 international and 22 local) under the Support Poor local and international Students project!...


The spread of basic and higher education among poor, rural populations is one of AFAG’s priorities.


Adonai Art Foundation provides partial or full assistance to poor students from primary school to university levels, who are not in a position to continue their education because of financial hardships.  


Adonai art foundation adopts a method of using the art works provided by “philanthropist artists” to fund their students' tuition and general needs.


Local Sponsorship

Adonai Art foundation helps its students from primary school to secondary school. Areas of assistance include: admission fees, text books, tuition fees, exam fees, hostel fees, uniforms, backpacks, school supplies, stationery items, as well as a stipend which may range from $5 - $10 per month depending on local conditions and economic status of each student’s family.  


International Sponsorship

(help yourself fundraising project)

Adonai Art foundation helps only undergraduate student who gains admission into foreign universities. At this level cash are not provided. A student who is interested in getting our assistance is given a number of art works to raise funds for himself  in the country where he schools . Successful candidates are provided with paintings and/or art works after a series of lectures on fundraising methods have been given and after he has signed our agreement terms especially on the distribution of the funds raised with the art works executed by the artists of the foundation. 

We shall continue to provide art works to these international students for 4 years to fund themselves.


Funds are divided into three:

40% to the student fund raiser (for his college tuition/needs)

50% to the foundation (for the local education sponsorship)

10% to the art materials funding for continuity of art works supplies by the artists.


Please donate for these efforts, your donations will go a long way to build a bright future for the next generations of poor Gambian students.

International Sponsorship

(help yourself undergraduate fundraising project)

Tijan Jasseh

(18 years)


University of Manchester

United Kingdom

Mariama Konteh

(20 years)


King's College London

United Kingdom

Emmanuel Olatunde

(18 years)


Seton Hall University

New Jersey, USA

Local Sponsorship

(full assistance 1-9 grades)











Local Sponsorship

(full assistance 10-12 grades)






     we convert our art  works to tuition  for  our poor local and international students      

...and receive 2   art works (paintings) in appreciation for   your generous Donation Today !!!

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Call us:

+220 2034357


Find us: 

Opposite Kanilai Alternative Clinic , Mile 7 , Bakau , P.M,B 315 , Serrekunda, The Gambia

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