These are artists - tourists from United States, when they heard about our community development and charitable works came to our open air studio at Fajara MRC to do some voluntary works of paintings. They beard  the cost of all their materials. They painted various themes and promised to market these works and send the funds that would be realized from the sales to the foundation for further development of our bad and unequipped studio. They believed that when we have good art studio and the right materials we would be able to serve our people better.


This is Saturday Art school for talented and interested kids. Educators can also be involved by visiting the Gambia to help us teach the pupils who were redeemed from the streets and various schools for this special Saturday art and craft lessons . Philanthropists who focus on Education could as well help us financially by providing art materials, books, school materials  and funds for new vocations, salaries and securing permanent sites for this special vocational school.



The need for change and giving people of Gambia sense of purposes is our focus. And you can be part of this amazing change! You can be part of the people who give someone in Gambia a sense of purpose, smiles and existence by getting involved. You may not have the fund, you could become part of  the team that raises funds for ADONAI ART FOUNDATION and  be the one person, to change the lives of hundreds of people.

The founders of Adonai Art Foundation believes in Give and Take. In view of this, fundraisers could reach to us for African Paintings which could be used for auction sales at your next night time event or your club annual meetings. We shall be glad to release paintings of our artists for this purpose..meaning: you can convert our paintings to Cash..

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+220 2034357


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Opposite Kanilai Alternative Clinic , Mile 7 , Bakau , P.M,B 315 , Serrekunda, The Gambia

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