Adonai Art Foundation, The Gambia (AFAG) is a non-profit foundation focused on creating a sense of purpose and opportunities for entrepreneurial through Visual Arts.  It was founded unofficially on the 14th February 2012 and licensed on the 12th August 2015 .


Adonai Art Foundation, The Gambia (AFAG) is committed  to  development  of

projects that rejuvenate, resuscitate and stimulate  physical and social life of The Gambians  by creating a medium and avenue  for human expression that will open doors of opportunities to be entrepreneurial , fight poverty and alleviate the suffering of the poor  and the less privileged.

Adonai Art Foundation, The Gambia (AFAG) shall also be committed to training vocational skills and securing job opportunities for its students within the fields of art and design, encouraging cultural exchanges, connecting communities and shall engage in programs that promote culture, social life and civic development of The nation Gambia.

Adonai Art Foundation, The Gambia (AFAG) shall work among all willing artists, members of the community, Gambian leaders, social developers and philanthropists worldwide  for the realization of our goals and improving the quality of lives of the people  we serve socially, culturally and aesthetically.

AFAG would take poverty alleviation very seriously and as its paramount goal of development. Poverty alleviation through art would help the very poor achieve a better quality of lives, enable the largest number of people to get above the poverty line.

AFAG would work through sales and donations of art works from member artists in helping to improve people’s lives by creating conditions and chances for the future improvements.

© 2015 by adonai art foundation

Call us:

+220 2034357


Find us: 

Opposite Kanilai Alternative Clinic , Mile 7 , Bakau , P.M,B 315 , Serrekunda, The Gambia

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